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Features to be considered when choosing a water filter device:
Country of manufacture, brand, packaging, filtering power, water ph and tds, safety of the device (self-blocking when water leaks), certification and quality of other details.

Water filter devices usually consist of six filters.

1. Cotton filter (with a density of 5 microns) - from silt, sand, rust
2. Crystal carbon filter - from chlorine
3. Activated charcoal filter (1 micron density) – Silt, sand, rust and chlorine
4. Membrane filter (0.0001 micron) at the molecular level - from viruses, bacteria and heavy metal, chemical waste
5. Coconut filter – cleans the unpleasant odors in the water and refreshes the water
6. Mineral filter - enriches water with minerals

Depending on the composition of the mains water:
1. The first three filters (polypropylene, coal, block coal) 6-12 months.
2. Membrane filter 12-24 months.
3. Coconut filter 8-12 months.
4. Mineral filter should be changed every 12-24 months.
Contamination is checked with a TDS meter, if it exceeds 100-ppm, all filters must be changed.

If each filter is not changed on time, the quality of water decreases and various problems arise in the device.
For example: Motor, adapter can burn, water can leak, the first three filters pass dirt and destroy the other filters, and other problems occur in the apparatus.

Other filters will also filter the water, but the equipment will not be able to filter the water as well as its own filter, and the equipment will take twice as much power. This will cause various problems in the equipment. In addition, when other filters are used, the filters get dirty faster than the warranty period and various problems arise in the equipment. At the same time, the warranty given to the equipment by us becomes invalid (the warranty period is canceled).

Providing high-level technical support for branded devices.
Long-term operation of filters, not short-term,
Each filter has an appropriate warranty period.
Having a Global Certfication Network certificate.
Having a certificate of conformity.

Even if the water indicator is normal, the filters should be changed during the service life. The indicator is lowered by the 4th filter (membrane). The first three filters (cotton, carbon, crystal) must be changed during the service life. Otherwise, the first three filters will become excessively dirty and pass the dirt, causing the other filters to fail.

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology at the molecular level.
Reverse osmosis filters are connected to the water line, the purified water is fed to its own faucet, and the dirty water is discharged to the sewer. The pores of the membrane filter are 0.001 micron, and only water molecules and oxygen can pass through it, thanks to which the filter output produces tasty, healthy drinking water. You can drink this water without boiling it.

In the house, apartment and gardens
In offices, banks and business centers
In hotels, guesthouses and holiday homes
In entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes and bars
In healthcare facilities
In cosmetology and aesthetic centers
In residential complexes

Baku city and surroundings: Delivery within 24 hours, installation within 1 hour
Other regions of Azerbaijan: Delivery in 2-3 days, installation within 1 hour

What is water?
Water (H2O) is a simple chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen that is stable under normal conditions. Colorless (thick layers are bluish), tasteless and odorless liquid. It consists of 11.19% hydrogen and 88.81% oxygen by mass.

What is water?
Water (H2O) is a simple chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen that is stable under normal conditions. Colorless (thick layers are bluish), tasteless and odorless liquid. It consists of 11.19% hydrogen and 88.81% oxygen by mass.

Water is a solvent
Water is a very universal medium. Most of the nutrients that make up human food are soluble in water. Without water, the human digestive process is disturbed - the body cannot be nourished. So, all nutrients can be "processed" by the human digestive system only when dissolved in water (in the form of an aqueous solution).

The composition of the water entering our house
The water entering our house contains chlorine, iron, copper, zinc, formaldehyde, arsenic, benzene, phenol, mercury, bacteria, microbes and viruses that cause dysentery. Considering that the human body consists of 78% water and we consume 3 liters of water per day, then think about how much our body is polluted with these substances in a year. Drinking such water causes all kinds of oncological diseases in the human body.

Solving the drinking water problem
Solving the problem of drinking water - "Reverse Osmosis System water filters".
As a result, water is freed from impurities: iron, ammonia and ammonium salts, nitrates, nitrites, fluorides, sulfates, chlorides, bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium, chlorine residues, sodium residues. In addition, reverse osmosis filters reduce the total hardness of water and prevent the formation of scum when boiling water. Water purified in reverse osmosis filters is free from bad odors, which no other water purification system provides.